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Car and truck service centers and repair shops require accounting software for invoicing and billing that meets bookkeeping and business accounting standards. Software should be reliable with great performance and easy to learn. Support and training is part of the DieselPro-IBM Cloud package, no extra cost.

Heavy diesel truck repair shops and service centers have even more demands with regard to servicing tractor trailer and over the road equipment, due to the potential legal issues. Choosing the right software helps insure profits, day to day, and gives shop owners peace of mind, knowing vehicle service history is only a mouse click away.

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH - Diesel truck repair shops create profits by managing their retail pricing as compared to the unit cost.  Understanding the difference between “markup” and “discount” pricing can eliminate costly errors and will increase profits.  Let us show you how we achieve this in DieselPro.

Your DieselPro-IBM repair shop software may be accessed anywhere, anytime via Internet connectivity.  This eliminates the need for a local application file server and expensive network technical support.  Don’t wait for disaster to strike, make plans today to keep your data safe.

Not only does DieselPro capture and preserve all the service details, users may quickly generate reports on any vehicle or equipment serviced.

Customer statement and state sales tax reports are easily generated with only a fee clicks of the mouse. Many reports are quickly created to analyze shop performance or technician proficiency.

Software training and support are just an email or phone call away, so new staff members are quickly brought up to speed on DieselPro and shop procedures, all this at no additional cost.

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Off-road Construction Equipment
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Get the best deal on repair shop management and accounting software in the industry.
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DieselPro was designed to meet the software requirements of repair shop owners, possibly like yourself. Let us help you make your operation more profitable by reducing costly redundant computer tasks that lead to mistakes in billing. We make it easy to decide by providing FREE personal demos with live data, giving new clients the ability to have questions answered before any committment, at absolutely no cost and no obligation. Contact us today!

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