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DieselPro is a commercial software package for the automotive and heavy diesel truck repair industry, available either as a DOWNLOAD or CLOUD version. DieselPro is a shared relational database Windows application, now available on Virtual Office Systems (VOS). There are no limits on the number of records in any file.

No purchase is required for DieselPro Cloud and billing is one low monthly fee based on the number of users.

DieselPro was developed from requests of independent repair shop owners and works well for almost all repair shops, regardless of the type equipment being serviced. DieselPro is a full-featured package with accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventory control.

Contact us for pre-sale support and answers to your questions or to see DieselPro in action.

DieselPro Cloud provides an alternative solution to independent shop owners facing expensive softwares upgrades, monthly support fees, and annual run-time fees. Access your private DieselPro Cloud anytime, anywhere. No more expensive application servers and costly maintenance to worry with. VOS does it all. It's your time and your money. Make it count!


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